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Nicolaas Bastert Kunstwerk • Gemälde • zu verkaufen Anblick auf Hattum

Nicolaas Bastert

Anblick auf Hattum
Öl auf Leinwand auf Tafel 36,4 x 56,2 cm, Unterzeichnet u.l.

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Growing up on the countryside of Cromwijck in Maarssen, the painter Nico Bastert felt a lifelong bond with the landscape of the Vecht region. After his Amsterdam academic years, the painter settled in The Hague and spent the summers in Breukelen, where he moved into the Bohème cottage with Geo Poggenbeek (1881-1887). From here the environment is painted and national and international trips are undertaken. In later years Bastert also painted the Amsterdam waterways and many river and water views in addition to Vecht views. Eventually he settles in Nigtevecht. The painter's oeuvre is considered to be part of the second bloom of the Hague School.

Nicolaas Bastert | Wassermühle im Polder Otterspoorbroek, Breukelen, Öl auf Leinwand auf Tafel, 24,5 x 34,0 cm, Unterzeichnet r.u. und datiert Aug. '82

Nicolaas Bastert

Gemälde • zu verkaufen

Wassermühle im Polder Otterspoorbroek, Breukelen, 1882

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